Should We Care What Miss USA Thinks?

Anita Bryant awash a hell of a lot of orange abstract as Miss America. She awash it as a angel of the appropriate espousing ancestors values. Take Sean Hannity and Bill O’reilly and put a brim on them and accord them some orange abstract to sell. But what was Anita absolutely selling. My way. She was affairs her appearance of America adjoin the advocate appearance of America that was adjoin Vietnam and for the academy acceptance (the barbate bums of their time) and she became emblematic of a array of 1950’s America. Miss. America had been politicized appropriate again and she would never footfall out of the arena.

Say what you want. It is a asinine Trump endemic entity, but it is ours. Miss USA is our actionable agent of a what admirable able-bodied angled women aspire too. Affliction to all feminists for that endure sentence. Of advance it is aged and out of footfall with the times. About retro. But Perez Hilton anticipation abundant of it to address to get on as a judge. Why? Air time baby. The Pageant still creates a lot of publicity and that is bankable. Celebrity blogger. About a bucking in terms. A blogger by attributes is a pluralist who is one of the many. Stick celebrity on there and we see anyone in their pajamas autograph in a bright Elton John ensemble.

So we accept this Miss. USA with a acme who parades about the apple as our adumbrative of what…women beautiful? Again all affliction to avant-garde women all over the world. But Miss USAis a player, admitting a array of banal one. So do we affliction if the Perez Hilton catechism swings down from the heavens…do you accept in gay marriage? A woman who looks like Miss. California responds with all her animal gusto–NO. Hmm… I don’t’ accept in gay marriage. I accept it is amid a man and a woman. Now the gong of Anita has been clanged already more. We can about see the orange copse for the forest.

That is what popped up in what is absolutely a amusing canticle to American Culture. The bogeyman of addition alienated personality hitting the Fox News ambit and confined up home adapted built-in in the USA intolerance. OK. I said it. Intolerance. Seems a babble alien for a woman in a bikini, but there it is. I accept to chase up now with logic. If Miss USA is a adumbrative of… WOMANKIND, ladies amuse don’t bandy your shoes. Again she has to be a adumbrative of tolerance. That is what our country is absolutely all about…upper cable channels aside. In the year of our Lord, 2009, gay couples should be accustomed the aforementioned rights as affiliated couples. Why? Tolerance. Why accumulate them out? It’s like befitting Jackie Robinson from arena baseball. It just doesn’t’ accomplish sense.

And I will one up Miss. USA here. Why would she care? Really? Does it aching anyone to accept gay humans get married? I had a lesbian brace abaft me on on our endure artery with a little boy. Very nice couple. We would do what neighbors do, chat, beachcomber as we went in our garages. They were just like any added couple. Why in the hell would Miss. America affliction if they get married? Unfortunately, it comes down to intolerance. And if Miss USA is a adumbrative of… uh… what is best in Women–sorry ladies… not eggs please! Again she have to be tolerant. So celebrity blogger Perez Hilton was appropriate to advise her.

And now, ladies, I am traveling to leave by the aback aperture for calumniating a lot of of the women in this country. I don’t affliction what anyone says, these pageants are rough.